You Matter

If You take care of You, You take care of us ALL! We are a VACCINE OUTREACH COLLABORATIVE, made up of your trusted community-based organizations in Napa County reaching out to help. We will provide SAFE SPACES for connections, to listen & offer support.

Where to go for questions:

  • ON THE MOVE 707-277-2710
  • PUERTAS ABIERTAS 707-224-1786
  • PARENTSCAN 707-253-7444
  • COUNTY OF NAPA 707-253-4540

GOAL: Conduct outreach related to COVID-19 vaccines and remove barriers to access vaccination appointments across the County of Napa

  • The task force includes various key stakeholders and within a non-profit collaborative of five agencies focusing on vaccine outreach and education
  • The five lead agencies are: Community Health Initiative, On The Move, UpValley Family Centers, ParentsCAN and Puertas Abiertas
  • Since February 2021, Napa County Vaccine Outreach Collaborative (VOC) has addressed COVID-19 vaccine coordination and access issues, recognizing the need for strong collaboration to reduce access disparities, provide strong pro-vaccination public health messaging and avoid duplication of services
  • The five agencies work closely with the County and other community partners to deliver innovative outreach and engagement activities